The world has changed when cafe racers are welcome at Sturgis…

We’re so happy to hear that many of the builders featured on CRTV over the first three seasons are still going strong and are now embarking on bolder and bigger projects than ever.

A lot of our friends are getting ready for Michael Lichter’s 13th annual Motorcycles as Art show in Sturgis (August 5-11). It will be held at the Buffalo Chip and this year’s theme is: “Ton Up! – Speed, Style and Cafe Racer Culture.”

The gallery will include 32 bikes from different builders and lots of artwork and photos. Loaded Gun Customs is one of the builders and here is a look at the making of Bucephalus, named after the horse of Alexander the Great

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  1. joe
    joe says:

    I like the show, it’a pretty hard to sit there with my kids with so much Bleep Bleep going on. I want to teach my boys about bikes, but they need to get rid of the cursing.

    • Cafe Racer TV Administrator
      Cafe Racer TV Administrator says:

      We don’t want to teach your boys bad manners so we apologize for the cursing. Unfortunately not all shop guys and bike builders stay rated G but we will continue to censor the curses. We don’t need trouble from the FCC!

      Thanks for being a fan. E-mail me your address to so I can send your boys some stickers.


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