The Giveaway: One builder’s dream to give a bike to a vet

Cole Custer has many friends who are military veterans and on Veterans Day earlier this month an idea hit him – he’s going to build a $30,000 custom bike, give it away to a veteran and donate leftover proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. He’s wanted to give to a cause and saw this as the perfect way to combine his skill with his passion.


This gallery shows some of Cole’s finished and in-progress builds

There’s one problem though. Custer operates MxATV Specialties, a small ATV/Motorcycle parts and accessories business in Nebraska. He doesn’t have a big budget. Actually, he has no budget. He’s completed a few builds but nothing with any serious backing to it. So to make this happen, he’s turned to crowd funding. He hasn’t decided on a donor bike yet but he’s worked with Honda CBs in the past. His first step is to spread the word and raise the money. Then he’ll worry about the bike. And finding a recipient veteran?

“The vet has to be nominated by someone else,” Custer said. “What we’re looking for is an outstanding person who goes above and beyond. Doesn’t have to be injured or anything like that. We’re looking for someone that inspires us and other people.”

It’s a steep task but we liked Custer’s story and zeal so we’re jumping on board to help him spread the word. That and we like veterans. The link to donate is below. For updates, visit MxATV’s FB page:


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