Cafe Racer TV Episode 13

Viewers will get a groovy eye full of everything the contemporary café racing scene has to offer in this, the third season’s final call. The show gets underway with a test for the J&B Moto Co. Suzuki two stroke twin, a machine that’s endured more lives than a cat with multiple personalities. The York, PA shop has offered the first ride on the little Suzook to a professional Isle of Man TT racer who plans to wring its carbs off – if their latest project bike runs as good as it looks, that is.

Last week’s two-wheeling heartthrob, singer Julia Haltigan is back again, having composed a new song specifically for “Café Racer”, a tune that captures the excitement and dangers of riding ton-up in the Big Apple.

One of the series’ more popular and eccentric builders has proven to be Alain Bernard of Florida’s Santiago Choppers. The French expat has built an amazing cottage industry out of his rare ability to combine custom bike skills he developed in the cruiser field to café racers. When he’s not taking home show trophies, Alain, it turns out, possesses a heart as big as his Elvis-style pompadour; this week, he’s visiting the Mecum Auto Auction, a venue where Alain has donated a couple of his “Café Racer” project bikes to the Curing Kid’s Cancer charity. If you think Alain’s motorcycles are fast, watch what happens to the cash he raises when it’s put into much needed research money to cure cancer.

Finally, we travel down South for the annual Barber Vintage Festival, a yearly gathering of the classic motorcycle brethren. From a snaky, undulating roadrace course packed with fabled names and marques, to the world’s greatest motorcycle museum and a swap meet that’s guaranteed to empty wallets, this is an event not to be missed.

And speaking of missed, don’t miss us as we head back to the airwaves this coming fall with a new season of “Café Racer” TV. After three seasons, it seems we’re just scratching the surface of this global obsession with fast, stylist motorbikes. We’ve continued to meet talented builders, attend must-see events and uncover the previously lost history of café racers, the coolest motorcycles ever to spin a chain. Keep an eye on this site for updates and bits and bobs on where we’re headed next. We just might see you in the passing lane

– Mike Seate

Cafe Racer TV’s Photo-pic of The Week – The Bostrom Brothers

[One of The Bostrom Brothers piloting Santiago’s Norley @ Talledega. Can you guess which one? Photo by: Jerome Guiselin]