And…. We’re Back!

It’s been a while since we revved up Café Racer TV but we believe you’ll find the payoff well worth the wait. Season 4 returns to Velocity on Wednesday, November 6 at 10 pm EST and then repeats at 1 am EST on Nov. 7.

First up, a new one hour format provides the gearheads among us with far more in-depth, detailed coverage of each custom motorcycle build.

We’re talking about hands-on nuts and bolts footage of these high-performance bikes from their earliest stages until they’re finished, fueled and ready for a Boz Brothers test ride.

In episode one, two complete café racers will be built and ridden, the first emerging from Classified Moto’s Richmond, VA garage. Their decision to transform a muddy old Honda dual-sport bike into a café racer for actress Katee Sackhoff has to be one of the oddest–and most inspiring–builds to appear on Café Racer TV.

Also twisting the throttle this week is Bay Area custom shop Grey Dog Moto. Patrick Bell has the rare ability to see a sleek, fast ton-up machine hiding deep within a bulky Moto Guzzi California cruiser.

Later, you’ll feel like part of the pack as we join test rider Blake Kelly and comedian Alonzo Bodden to ride the legendary canyons of California in the first of our Great Roads series. You may think you’ve seen twisty roads but Mulholland Highway, high in the Santa Monica Mountains, will have your front wheel pointing westward for a piece of the action. Strap on your helmets and climb aboard – this is going to be a blast!

Mike Seate
Editor, Café Racer Magazine
Coordinating Producer, Café Racer TV

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Season 4 Builders: Grey Dog Moto

BIKE: 1975 Moto Guzzi 850 T3

The Bay Area has a great riding scene and culture and Grey Dog Moto is part of why it’s so good on the left coast.  Alameda, CA is an island sandwiched between San Francisco and Oakland and Patrick Bell’s Grey Dog takes up just 150 sq. ft. of prime bike building real estate. With a love for speed and a laid back Weimaraner named Berlin as his CEO, Bell has turned his passion into his profession. In episode one of season four Bell chopped a cherry ’75 Guzzi for an over-sized client and took a few risks along the way.


Frame: Tonti
Subframe: Tonti/Grey Dog Moto Custom Subframe (Bike was built for a 220lb 6′ 3″ customer)
Engine: Fairly Stock 850cc Moto Guzzi with Dyna III Electronic Ignition/Coils
Carburetor or FI System: 30mm Dellortos Carburetors re-jetted with K&N Filters, Tommaselli Throttle
Rear Swing Arm: Moto Guzzi with stock gearing for final drive
Rear Wheel: – 18″ rim w/ Stock Hub with 40 hole Excel Rim (by Buchanan)
Front Wheel: – 17″ rim w/ modified hub also 40 hole Excel Rim (by John Koester, Phil Gaitan and Patrick Bell)
Clip-Ons or Bars: – Woodcraft Clip-ons with R6 electrics
Seat: Custom Ducati 1978 900 custom seat (battery & all necessary electrics in seat hump)
Tank: Cut and fabricated “ALL STEEL” Guzzi 850 T3 Stretched Tank (By Tony Parker & GreyDogMoto)
Rear Sets: Aprillia/Ducati/GSXR Custom built by John Koester & GreyDogMoto (parts supplied by Woodcraft)
Tires: rear 130/70/18 front 110/70/17 Bridgestone “Battlax”
Exhaust: Custom headers/end pipes by Emgo
Paint: Tony Parker “The Master” at Crown Works Garage
Headlight: 7″ H4 1975 Honda in Chrome w/ custom welded Grey Dog Moto headlight ears
Front Brake: GSXR front master cylinder, R1 Yamaha Custom fitted forks , 310mm rotors, 4 piston Yamaha calipers Custom Billet GreyDogMoto spacers (by Phil Gaitan)
Rear Brake: Stock rotor “De-linked” Brembo Caliper with custom braded lines
Top Steering Clamp/Triple Tree: R1 Yamaha Inverted Forks, Custom “GPS” Gauge (by Speedhut)
Rear Suspension: Custom built and painted Wilbur Shocks (by The Beemer Shop…Thanks Ted & Josh)
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“This bike was built for a very tall customer who now fits nicely onto this custom Moto Guzzi cafe racer. No easy task for such a tall order (pun intended). Lots of custom bits to ensure substantial braking and suspension needs. A real powerhouse to ride and smooth as silk even at 100 mph. This Guzzi is not only insane fun to ride it’s a reliable daily driver.”
— Patrick Bell
Grey Dog Moto