Preview: Season 4 Episode 4

This week’s episode is going to be talked about for a long time.

First up, we feature an old school café racer build by Trenton, New Jersey’s Cycle Icons, a shop determined to create a record-breaking speed machine from an ordinary Royal Enfield commuter bike. Trenton, we learned during the shoot, is the home of Shadetree Manufacturing and Cycle Icons stick to the region’s traditions, using blood, sweat and gears to make it all happen.

What this team manages to do to their trusty little 500cc single may surprise some folks, proving that bigger is not always better.

Clearly thinking outside any box whatsoever is MaceTech Industries, a Florida shop run by Mace Livingston and his wife, Ashlie, who is also pin-up pretty. This husband wife build blends KTM adventure bike power with, well, let’s just say their take on the café racer is anything but traditional, involving everything from snakeskin to firearms parts. And if you were ever thinking of building a bike with your spouse this could be a good episode for you to watch before you head down that road.

Hall of fame off-road rider Jack Penton pays Café Racer TV a visit as well, lending his formidable skills as a professional motorcycle developer to the ambitious MaceTech project. For Livingston, the young builder learns a valuable lesson in the end.

– Mike Seate

The Badger is going racing in episode #4, which airs Wednesday, Nov. 27 at 10 pm on Velocity

The Badger is going racing in episode #4, which airs Wednesday, Nov. 27 at 10 pm on Velocity

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  1. John
    John says:

    I love the new format, and I love the way Mike is trying to add tesnion by questioning the builder’s decisions. We need to see more of him though, don’t cut him out of the loop.


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