Give a big hand to these folks ladies and gentlemen. If their business name is on this page it’s because they too, care about vintage motorcycles of the café racer variety. Whether they’ve helped us on location during shoots, provided product to be used and seen on the show or just have a good vibe and support the café racer lifestyle, these guys deserve a quick look from you.

Velocity (Formerly HD Theater)

Without these guys the show simply wouldn’t exist ladies and gentlemen! In addition to Café Racer be sure to checkout out Velocity’s line-up of awesome go-fast shows coming soon in 2011. We guarantee you you won’t be disappointed!

Café Racer

We give him a hard time on the show, but Mike Seate, we love you brotha! Without Mike’s continued commitement to driving Café Culture a large part of CRTV wouldn’t exist today. Tons of feature content was brought to the table by none other than you favorite CR Magazine Publisher, Big Mike. So give him a ton-up hand and get a subscription to Café Racer Magazine today!

Dime City

The dynamic duo of Herm and Jason down at Dime City have been tremendous help in not only making sure our official Café Racer SWAG makes it out to our viewers on time, they’ve single handledly built what is possibly the largest and most easy to navigate website for those of you looking to build a Café Racer in your own garage. They’re the salt of the Earth and everyone seems to love ‘em, so check ‘em out and give them a shot at supplying you with some go-fast parts for your café project.

Sort of like the modern version of the 59 Club in digital format, has become the largest single online gathering place for all things Café Racer. Whether you need help fixing a bike, building a part or just want to shoot the crap about vintage leather jackets, this your place! DTT has contributed huge the growth of the current Café movement and they’re a good friend of ours and should be of yours as well!


In addition to providing an awesome donor bike for Dime City’s Season 2 build, the guys at The Lowside Syndicate are commited to promoting all things on two wheels. Whether you ride a vintage chopper or bobber, or ride a Café Bike, this is a cool magazine to checkout. They helped with tons of photos and good vibes for season 2 and we know you’ll appreciate their involvement as much as we do!

REV’IT! Motorcycle

Our friends at REV’IT! know what it means to go fast and hit the pavement and to help combat that inevitable fall, they’ve developed some of the most advanced riding leathers, track suits and accessories in the industry. The Café Racer team is proud to have their gear on our guys knowing no matter what happens between zero and the ton that they’ll be safe! Take a look at their website for some quality imagery and access to some of the coolest moto-gear you can get your hands on for all types of motorcycling.

Vitesse Moto

Producing boots that are at the same time cool and functional isn’t an easy task. Fortunately, that’s what our good friends over at Vitesse Moto do, so you don’t have to worry about it! Whether you’re an urban rider looking for something brown and laced, a track rider looking for the utmost protection without a weight compromise or an everyday vintage bike enthusiast looking for something to keep your feet safe on the steet, these are your guys. The Café Racer team recognizes the importance of footwear and it’s protection and is proud to note Vitesse Moto as a trusted partner of ours.

Erick Runyon,

Having taken his first photo as a professional, of a motorcycle, it’s obvious with his work where Erick’s passion lies. In the art of the machine. Combine that with a full-time day job as photographer for the likes of Maxim Magazine and Playboy and you’ve got a photographer who knows to accent the curves of a motorcycle much like that of a woman. Eric laughs when he says “Honestly, I like shooting the bikes because that’s what I’m passionate about. The gorgeous chicks just pay the bills.” What a hard life… You can checkout Eric’s motorcycle related work at the link above or just watch Season 2 of Café Racer!

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