Cafe Racer Build – Lotta Work, Not a lotta money

This build comes to us from Cosmin Andrei. Below he talks about the build in his own words.

Our names are Cosmin and Paul. We are the guilty dudes that started this. My friend Paul had in his garage a Kawasaki GPZ 500s in good condition (just ugly from our point of view). We wanted to transform it and didn’t had the money to get it transformed in a professional workshop. So we started in my garage with only one thing in mind (make it a WAR ZONE CAFE RACER :P) (we love cafe racers…This made us want it) We stripped it completely, sandblasted it, and ordered parts that we needed. After sandblasting,came our biggest challenge…modify the frame to look like we want! (it came out in one week the way we wanted it)

The preassembly was also a challenge. We dropped the idea of having the original cooling fluid tank and came up with the idea of using a military Aluminum bottle instead. We tried to get some of the cafe racer/scrambler/army features on it,while hiding the cables as best as we could. A big delay was due to the construction of the seat. It was built by us, with a fiberglass base + seat spunge and leather. Favorite features: Cooling fluid tank, exhaust, seat and tires: Biggest challenge: The Frame

They did the entire build for $1,100. Good job guys!

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  1. stoe
    stoe says:

    va salut baieti.
    imi place foarte mult ce ati facut.
    am kawasaki er5 din 2001 si vreau sa-i fac cateva mici modificari.
    imi puteti spune va rog ce furca spate se potriveste astfel incat sa pun o roata mai mare pe spate si frana cu disc.
    va multumesc mult.
    stoenescu adrian, tg-jiu, gorj

  2. GP
    GP says:

    This is awesome! Where can I find more specifics on how this was built? I have a 2006 ex 500 and would love to do something like this.

  3. Robert e Nix
    Robert e Nix says:

    What are the sizes of those tires? I have a 2009 Kawasaki EX500 and have just bought a new rear tire. I was just curious as to what size those wear?

  4. Masson
    Masson says:

    I have exactly the same project in France.
    May I have to contact of the fabulous magician whos has transformed this GPZ500 S
    Thank you in advance !

  5. Callum
    Callum says:

    Hi guys, please help me get into contact with the builder of this bike, I am currently building a GpZ cafe racer and have some questions relating to the petrol tank he has used. I have tried everywhere web based to find cosmin andrei and failed. Many thanks CALLUM

    • Donna
      Donna says:

      Cosmin Andrei is the builder. Post in any comments of a blog and you can find him, but I will post on our Facebook page for you. Are you a fan?

  6. Adrien Rimasson
    Adrien Rimasson says:

    hello, I’m doing a cafe racer me too. I would like to know what are the dimensions of the tires toiser for this bike thank you.

  7. Nathan
    Nathan says:

    Awesome job man, it came out great! I just have a question because I’m doing a cafe racer build with a 1996 Kawasaki ex500 but was having trouble with the seating situation.


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