The History of Café Racers

It is perhaps the most influential motorcycle movement the world has ever seen. Born in the streets of England in the 1950s, its culture still thrives around the globe. There will never be another motorcycle—or rider—quite like it. And yet, most of us have never heard of the café racer. The café racer is both man and machine. With its Spartan appearance and aggressive styling, the café racer is one of the most distinctive and revered motorcycles in the world.

The History of Do The Ton

The ‘Ton-Up Boys’ of the café racer culture became devoted to early American rock n’ roll music as much as they were to their own motorcycles. Outfitted in British Military surplus leathers, Brylcreem hair styles, and a deep fascination with those illustrious American tunes they heard at the Ace Café earned them the nickname the “Rockers,” and they started making front page headlines by the late 1950s…