Finish The Line – Help finish Julia Haltigan’s new single “Fast Lane”

Alright Cafe Racer fans, season 3 of your favorite ton-up throttle twisting music loving motorcycle series is almost over. Sad, we know…but because we love you, we’ve got something a little special just for you to round out the best season yet of vintage motorcycles and culture on Velocity. It’s called “Fast Lane” and it’s the HOT new soon-to-be-released and debuted on Cafe Racer TV, single and music video by vintage Triumph riding, guitar picking vocal belting beauty Julia Haltigan.

And if getting a glimpse of this gorgeous yet gritty wrench turning diva isn’t enough for your petrol pounding heart, take a look below at the video clip. Julia thought it would be fun to get the fans involved to help finish the lyrics “in your own words” for the three main verses of her new single. We’ll be launching three video clips, the first one today and then on June 4th and 6th to give you a taste of Julia’s sweet sultry sounds. Checkout the into clip and clip one below!

Here’s the first video, watch, listen and come up with your own lyrics! READ BELOW first though, there’s more details!

From here it’s up to you to head on over to and post your version of what you think the finished words should be on the top-most thread titled “Finish The Line w/ Julia Haltigan.” Julia will be picking a winner daily from the comments who will receive a free signed copy of her new CD, the season 2 Cafe Racer TV DVD set and a Cafe Racer TV tee. How great is that?

But wait…there’s more! The stunning and sweet Julia will be performing a live intimate and acoustic session of “Fast Lane” via a live video feed in the coming weeks. In addition to performing the complete song she’ll also be performing a version of the song with her favorite fan comment lyrics in exchange for her own. Sounds like more fun than setting the valves on a bevel drive Ducati 750, no?

So, let’s recap:

– There’s no cost the enter the contest
– Watch the CRTV BLOG and Facebook pages today, June 4th and 6th for the videos and posts to comment your version of the finished lyrics
– Tune in to Velocity on June 7th at 10PM EST to see Julia’s Video Premier and the Season Finale of Cafe Racer
– Watch CRTV BLOG and Facebook pages on Friday the 8th for the announced winners and the link to watch Julia perform live

Great’s like Billy Joel think it’s a tall order to write a song about motorcycles. Do you think our girl Julia has what it takes to hit the musical ton? Stay tuned and find out!

And for those of you looking for more information on Julia or her CD to purchase, head right on over to her Website by clicking the photo below or simply point your browser to you can also give her a like on Facebook, we know she’ll appreciate it!

Be sure to stay tuned on Velocity for re-runs of Cafe Racer TV Season 3 and be on the lookout for Season 4. We’ve hit 100mph and before you know it, we’ll be back with another 13 episodes of classic motorcycle culture, rockin’ tunes and custom motorcycle builds!

– The Cafe Racer TV Team

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