Cafe Racer TV Season 3 – It’s Here!

Café Racer TV Season III

Bigger, Better- Faster

If there’s an accurate gauge of how popular café racers have become in recent years look no further than your TV screen on April 19; that’s when the third season of Café Racer premieres on Discovery’s Velocity network. The series, launched with a one-episode pilot back in December 2009, roared onto the world stage with two consecutive seasons of half-hour episodes that began in October 2010. Since then, Café Racer has continued to unearth talented custom motorcycle builders who create the sort of unique and original motorcycles that riders dream of.

Episode 01 – 04/19/12 – 8-8:30PM EST
Episode 02 – 04/19/12 – 8:30-9PM EST
Episode 03 – 04/26/12 – 8-8:30PM EST
Episode 04 – 04/26/12 – 8:30-9PM EST
Episode 05 – 05/03/12 – 8-8:30PM EST
Episode 06 – 05/03/12 – 8:30-9PM EST
Episode 07 – 05/10/12 – 8-8:30PM EST
Episode 08 – 05/10/12 – 8:30-9PM EST
Episode 09 – 05/17/12 – 8-8:30PM EST
Episode 10 – 05/17/12 – 8:30-9PM EST
Episode 11 – 05/24/12 – 8-8:30PM EST
Episode 12 – 05/24/12 – 8:30-9PM EST
Episode 13 – 05/31/12 – 8-8:30PM EST

Season 3 will feature two original 30-minute episodes aired back-to-back each Thursday at 8 pm ET. As before, the series continues to bring viewers unique builds by some of the world’s best two-wheeled craftsmen, including café racer visionaries from Italy, England and across the United States. For the first time, viewers craving more detailed footage from inside the workshops can visit our YouTube channel and catch in-depth coverage of nuts and bolts bike construction.

After the complete build process has been chronicled by Café Racer’s HD cameras, the bikes are being tested to new, more demanding standards by our professional testers Ben and Eric Bostrom and Café Racer magazine Road test Editor Blake Kelly. Pushed harder and ridden faster and covered with the latest on-board camera technology, expect all the excitement of a high-speed burn-up, without the bugs in your teeth!

Season 3 highlights include:

The Royal Flush: a four-part feature where the team challenges themselves and several expert builders to wring a ton – 100 mph – from a 500cc Royal Enfield single.

A pair of Akron, Ohio vintage roadracers who build a Honda CB 350 to run lap times faster than you could imagine.

Legendary Vincent tuner Big Sid Biberman lending his expertise to a Bonneville Salt Flats race team.

Nine time AMA Pro Star drag racing champ Rickey Gadson joins our team of testers aboard a 1978 CB 750 Honda.

A new music video made just for Café Racer by rockabilly kings the Psycho DeVilles.

Thanks to viewer input, Café Racer’s range of machines has also been broadened for the new season with vaunted, go-fast marquees including Norton, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Vincent all coming to the fore. The theme remains to create lighter, faster, and yes, far cooler motorcycles from what are sometimes rusty junk heaps, proving that custom bikes don’t need to cost a fortune to turn heads and provide thrills.

And when the riding is through, Café Racer takes you on a whirlwind tour of the grooviest events the café society has to offer; ride along with California’s Vespa-mounted Mods to see 21st Century scooter culture up close and visit some of the finest tuning and race shops in the world. This season rocks along with New York alt-rock singer Julia Haltigan as she provides the boppin’ soundtrack to a lifestyle of black leather, greasy hair and fast bikes.

Strap on that helmet and zip up those leathers and join Café Racer’s third season on Thursday, April 19 on Velocity. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

– Mike Seate, coordinating producer.

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    • Volker
      Volker says:

      Amen brother, same here. I have two bikes to proof, all built while being glued to the screen, and with the magazines close by. Can’t wait for Season 3 to start.

  1. XS1100 / R5
    XS1100 / R5 says:

    Finally, I have been chomping on the bid for this to arrive. My xs will be seeing the light of day thanks to guys. Thank you

  2. Adrian
    Adrian says:

    This show got me started too. I have a CB650 in pieces in my garage to prove it. I have also dropped some $$ at Dime City and Santiago Chopper (both are local to me) because I found out about them on this show.


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