Cafe Racer TV Featured Builder of The Week – Greg “Doc’s Chops” Hageman

For those of you who’ve seen Cafe Racer TV or better yet, met Greg “Doc’s Chops” Hageman in person, you can attest to the relaxed demeanor he has. Who are we kidding, he’s practically sedate. That is, until you see him opening the throttle of one of his many custom build XS650’s, CX500’s or Virago’s. It’s at that point that you realize you’re dealing with a Wolf in Sheeps clothing…just like his bikes.

Greg has built a myriad of bikes over his ten-year as a full fledged motorcycle mechanic.  Some of his more recent bikes have been seen on our series in Season 1 and upcoming on Season 2.  You’ll notice that Greg has a knack for finding the most god-awful bike around and turning it into something almost  to good to be true.  Here’s an example of just that in his recent CX500 build:

photo by: Erick Runyon,

In the midst of building his Virago, the lastest creation to roll out of Doc’s Chops, Greg also managed to get his new website online which details his previous builds as well as current projects. If you have a minute, check it out, it’s worth a gander!

And for those of you who would like to see one of Greg’s custom Cafe creations up close you can check him out at the Barber Vintage Festival in the Cafe Racer Paddock.  He’ll be there with the guys from Dime City Cycles, Loaded Gun Customs and Fuller Hotrods along with a TON of other awesome Cafe bikes. We hope to see you there!

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