Cafe Racer TV Featured Builder of The Week – Dave Degens

When it comes to Cafe Racers names like Mark Wilsmore, Father Bill and Dave Degens are synonymous with the iconic culture in both conversation and legend.  Having built literally thousands of Cafe Racers over the last 50 years and being the one to first recognize the utility and capability found in the Norton Featherbed Frame when matched with the Triumph parallel twin, Dave Degens is arguably the Father of Cafe Racers.

Starting out with a 350 Aeramachi, Degens set out on a quest to combine the best qualities from every bike he’d ridden into a single frame style combination that would allow him to shave seconds off laps times on the local brick laden streets of London. Truly a tuner, he set the bar and created a ripple effect that would change the world of motorcycling forever. The pursuit for speed, ah what wonderful thing!

In addition to building some of the most potent frame swinging-arm combinations, as Dave calls them, he is also one of the worlds foremost Triumph engine builders and rebuilders. Able to take a ceased pile of rubbish from a local scrap yard and turn it into a stunning horsepower produce ton chasing power plant, he has a vast amount of knowledge to draw off of when bringing these beauties back to life. Whether it be simple stuff like tapping and rethreading head studs to factory specification, modifying oil paths or adding additional breathers to allow for maximum performance.

But don’t take it from us, check it out yourself online right from Dave’s website at “Winner of the Barcelona 24 hour race on two occasions using sound sensible engineering 100mpg from a Triumph or 80bhp from a Triumph twin Road or Race……………….Talk to the Engineering Experts….We ship worldwide” or in person if you’re fortunate enough to be close, he’s the man when it comes to building things that go fast on two wheels.

The Cafe Racer TV Team toasts to you Dave, without you none of of us would be where we are today twisting the throttle on our aircooled vintage speed machines from pub to pub, cafe to cafe or just running amuk around the streets of our local town! Thank you!

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