Cafe Racer TV Featured Builder of The Week – British Customs

As the term “Cafe Racer” continues to gain it’s due here in the US the one problem many face is finding a suitable donor bike. The vintage Japanese bikes are an excellant choice as are Harley’s or other imports in the right hands, but what about the individual who doesn’t have the time or desire to learn how to synchronize a set of troublesome Keihin carburetors or chase a bad condensor in an electrical system? Should he/she be turned away and not have a chance to enjoy in coffee, camaraderie and chasing the TON. No, absolutely not! And fortunately for them Triumph still produces (aside from the Kawasaki W650) the only available parallel air-cooled twin that looks the part and has a history behind it too making it a perfect solution for those looking to build a reliable “push-button” Cafe Racer.

Enter British Customs..

Recognizing the importance and need for modern classic “Cafe Racer” parts British Customs has quickly taken the lead and set a new standard in an old industry. Producing a vaste array from products that suit any of the current model Triumph Bonnevilles, Scramblers or Thruxtons, there parts cache is unrivaled anywhere in the world. The best part? Most of their products don’t require an engineering or welding degree can be installed in an afternoon or over the weekend with the help of some friends and some basic tools. Take their Predator exhaust for example, it will completely transform the sound and response of your modern Triumph while at the same time giving it a little bump in the power department.

Covering all aspects of the motorcycle from power and performance to aesthetics British Customs offers just about anything you could want for your modern Triumph. Oh, and they’re not just a parts supplier Cafe Racer TV fans. These guys build bikes too! If you missed it in Season 2 here’s another look at the 2011 Triumph Thruxton they completely re-worked and let the Bostrom’s take for a jaunt in the famed California hills!

So, if you’ve got the itch but don’t want the hassle of a vintage bike, why not stop into your local Triumph dealer and checkout their inventory and when you settle on a bike give the guys at British Customs a call or visit them on the web at You won’t be disappointed!

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