Cafe Racer TV Featured Build of The Week – J&B Moto Co.

Nestled in the heart of Harley Country at the end of the quiet little road exists a shop that revels in shaking things up, doing things different and laughing in the face of homodgeny. J&B Moto Co. is their name and you saw them featured in Season 1 of Cafe Racer TV where they built a stunning machine with suspension geometry along the lines of Britten’s V1000, which turned the racing world upside down. How cool is that?

The guys from J&B Moto are doing well building custom bikes day in and day out along with restorations and other neat projects. If you’re ever in the Wrightsville, PA area we strongly suggest you take some time to stop in and haggle them for a while. Just tell them their buddies at Cafe Racer TV sent you. If heading to PA is out of the question for you might we suggest you take a look at their website, they have some great eye-candy to help kill a few hours behind your cubicle while you wait to get back to your own garage!

Go go, Cafe Racer!

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