6th Street Specials

Scottish expat Hugh Mackie is not a man consumed by bling and glamour: instead, the lovable-but-gruff British motorcycle expert builds machines that reflect the tough, gritty Lower East Side neighborhood where he’s lived and repaired motorcycles for over 30 years. Versed in everything from BSA to Norton, Mackie and chief tech Fumi Matsueda are true enthusiasts, spending their weekends flat track racing against each other in regional competition. They pride themselves on building café racers that are true to their original intent – fast, purposeful motorcycles that can be ridden hard and often. Hugh and Fumi return in season three where they help Café Racer Magazine’s Mike Seate out of a jam.

Bike Specifications: 1973 Norton Comando

Frame: Norton Isolastic
Subrame: Stock
Engine: 750cc air-cooled parallel twin
Carburetion or FI System: Sudco/Mikuni 40mm
Rear Swing Arm: Stock
Rear Wheel (Size): 130×18” Buchannan’s spokes/Sun alloy rim
Front Wheel (Size): 110×18” Buchannan’s spokes/Sun alloy rim
Clip-Ons or Bars: Lossa Engineering Clubman
Seat: Legendary Motorcycles
Tank: Legendary Motorcycles fiberglass 3 gallon Lyta
Rear Sets: Fair Spares stainless steel
Tires (Sizes): 130×18” Avon rear; 110×18” Avon front
Exhaust : Commando Specialties pea-shooter mufflers Unity Equipe sweptback headers
Paint: Muzzy
Headlight: Lucas Norton
Front Brake: Colorado Norton Works Brembo two-piston disc
Rear Brake: Stock drum
Top Steering Clamp/Triple Tree: Minnovation Racing billet aluminum

6th Street Specials featured in Episodes – 3, 4 & 5

– Original Airs: 4/26, 4/26 & 5/3 @ 8:00PM
– First Replay: TBA

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Contact info:
6th Street Specials
Phone: (212) 979-6535
Email: sixstreetspecials@juno.com

Colorado Norton Works

Matt Rambow knows what he likes and he knows what he wants to rebuild: Norton Commandos between the years 1968 and 1974. Located in Dolores, CO, Rambow opened Colorado Norton Works in 1997 during the Harley-Davidson boom years. He was called ‘crazy’. Today, the Swedish native puts all his energy into getting vintage Commandos back on the road by manufacturing his own line of custom parts and performing rebuilds that take 250 hours to complete. And he’s wont to call them rebuilds and not restorations because his rebuilds “address all the shortcomings that these machines have.” For “Café Racer”, Rambow takes on a unique and daring project: a limited edition run of 13 Norton Commando Café Specials, each with a price tag of $44,950.00.

Bike Specifications: Norton Comando

Frame: Custom made frame by Jeff Cole. Design by CNW and Jeff Cole (of C&J fame). Oil tank in backbone.
Subrame: Engine: 858cc Commando. Fullauto head, JE pistons, Total seal rings, Web cam, Radiused lifters, Ceramic coated barrel, Breather modification, Big bore exhaust.
Carburetion or FI System: Comstock engineering. Entire kit designed specifically for a Commando engine. Complete engine managment system.
Rear Swing Arm: Custom made swing arm by Jeff Cole. Design by CNW and Jeff Cole
Wheels (Size): MKIII Commando rear hub laced up with stainless steel spokes and nipples on Sun alloy rims. Wm 4.5 wide, 17″. Front hub is a CNW design. Billet aluminum laced up on a wm 3, 18″ rim.
Steering Stabilizer: n/a
Clip-Ons or Bars: Drag bars by Flanders
Seat: Custom made by Evan Wilcox (alloy tail section) and Don Clancy (seat)
Tank: Custom alloy made by Evan Wilcox
Rear Sets: CNW custom with rear set specific z-plates
Radiator: n/a
Fairings: n/a
Tires (Sizes): Conti ‘Go’. 130/80-17″ rear and 100/90-18 front
Exhaust : Big bore, stainless steel, Fast Frog
Paint: All polished alloy bodywork. Powder coated frame, swing arm and engine cradle
Headlight: H-D
Front Brake: CNW custom 39mm front end with dual CNW/Brembo, 4-pad calipers, 12″ full floater rotors, radial master cylinder.
Rear Brake: CNW/Brembo 10.5″ full floater with a 2 piston caliper and Brembo master
Top Steering Clamp/Triple Tree: CNW custom triple trees
– CNW electronic instruments
– CNW center console
– CNW keyless ignition
– CNW/Comstock hydraulic clutch
– Comstock headsteady
– Comstock quick change rear sprocket. CNW 520 x-ring conversion
– LED taillight
– CNW stainless chainguard
– Belt drive primary drive
– CNW outer primary cover
– Skyking bar end mirror
– Hagon shocks
– 12 point ARP engine and barrel hardware
– Stainless fasteners throughout
– CNW MKIII iso conversion
– High output alternator system

Colorado Norton Works featured in Episodes – 6, 7 & 8

– Original Airs: 5/3, 5/10 & 5/10 @ 8:00PM
– First Replay: TBA

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Contact info:
Colorado Norton Works
28438 Road P.
Dolores, Colorado 81323
Phone: (970) 882-7163
Email: nortonworks@fone.net

Desmo Pro, Rich Lambrechts

Best described as a true renaissance man whose talent spans the full gamut from machine work, to pinstripes and paint. Rich Lambrechts love of standout machines spans back to his childhood, in Detroit, Michigan where he grew up watching both his grandfathers at work at the Packard automobile factory. Café 31 was born in the history of the Italian brand, and then mated with the most state of the art components available to produce a machine as capable on the track as on the street. It’s a tribute to Cook Neilson, Phil Schilling, Reno Carrachi and Giorgio Nepoti, four men all Ducati racing legend’s and personal friends. Desmopro builds absolutely accurate restorations of Italian machines, destined for museums, as well as specialized builds like Café 31 and “Deja Blue” which can be seen in the entrance of the Barber museum in Leeds, AL.

Bike Specifications: Café 31

Frame: Ducati 860GT extensively modified
Subrame: Desmopro custom aluminum
Engine: Ducati 904cc bevel drive desmo
Carburetion : Mikuni Pro Series 39mm Flat Slides
Rear Swing Arm: Desmopro custom mono shock
Rear Wheel (Size): 4.5 x 17″ forged alloy rim
Front Wheel (Size): 3.50 x 17″ forged alloy rim
Steering Stabilizer: Ohlins
Rear Shock: Ohlins
Triple Clamp: Gilles Tooling custom FO One
Front Forks: Ohlins FG353P gas
Clip-Ons: Ducati Desmosedici clamps with custom carbon fiber tubes
Seat: handcrafted suede
Tank: Fiberglass (handcrafted) with Ducati 888 Corse Carbon filler cap
Rear Sets: Ducati 1098R
Radiator: N/A
Fenders and other trim: Shift-Tech carbon fiber
Tires (Sizes): Front 120/70-ZR17 , Rear 160/60-ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa
Exhaust: Desmopro handcrafted stainless steel 2 into 1
Brakes: Brembo radial mount front calipers with Brembo radial master cylinder and Gilles Tooling Factor X levers
Paint: Custom by Desmopro Gold metalflake over black base

Desmo Pro featured in Episodes – 1, 2 & 3

– Original Airs: 4/19, 4/19 & 4/26 @ 8:00PM
– First Replay: TBA

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Contact info:
Rich Lambrechts
Phone: (419) 545-3000
Email: Vicki@DesmoPro.com
Website: www.desmopro.com

J&B Moto Co.

Launched in York, Pennsylvania in 2005, J&B is a team comprised of Jeff Metz and Brian Leonard, two talented custom painters-turned motorcycle builders. Not afraid to tackle some truly intrepid challenges, in season 1 of “Café Racer” the J&B team was responsible for experimenting with a challenging build: a Yamaha XS 650 with a front-mounted shock absorber. In between creating café racers adorned with some of the grooviest paint schemes this side of the Atlantic, J&B are quickly becoming known as one of the East Coast’s premier café racer shops. In season three they return with a build full of “repurpose”.

Bike Specifications: – To Be Announced

Rear Swing Arm:
Rear Wheel (Size):
Front Wheel (Size):
Steering Stabilizer:
Rear Shock:
Triple Clamp:
Front Forks:
Rear Sets:
Fenders and other trim:
Tires (Sizes):

J&B Moto Co. featured in Episodes – 11, 12 & 13

– Original Airs: 5/24, 5/24 & 5/31 @ 10:00PM
– First Replay: TBA

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Contact info:
J&B Moto Co.
Phone: (717) 468-3799
Email: jbmotoco@yahoo.com
Website: www.jbmotoco.com

Classic Farm Motorcycles, Fabrizio “McDeeb” Di Bella

Comprised of a crew of seven ranging from ex-racers to mechanics, artists and everything in between and with a history linking Fabrizio Di Bella himself to vintage machines via a father who used to test ride Vincents for the factory, McDeeb aka: Farm Motorcycles is no stranger to Cafe culture. They are currently manufacturing custom models based on the Royal Enfield in their facility in Italy and have a passion for making things go fast. In addition to building custom Cafe bikes from scratch they also offer milder customization for more tame clients and bolt on parts for those looking to get their hands dirty.

Bike Specifications: McDeeb Clubman 500

Frame: Royal Enfield Bullet Electra with modified rear end and seat/rear fender subframe
Subrame: Aircraft alloy engine plates
Engine: Royal Enfield Bullet 500 (carbureted or EFI)
Carburetion or FI System: Both options available
Rear Swing Arm: Modified standard (larger to allow a larger tyre)
Rear Wheel (Size): 3.50- 19″ alloy rim (18″ and 21″ available on request
Front Wheel (Size): 3.50-19″ alloy rim  (18″ available on request)
Steering Stabilizer: N/A
Rear Shock(s): McDeeb twin shocks aircraft alloy machined body
Clip-Ons or Bars: McDeeb chromoly
Seat: Selle Patty (handcrafted)
Tank: Alloy sheetmetal (handcrafted)
Rear Sets: N/A
Radiator: N/A
Fairings: Avon “Nosecone” available on request/standard equipment on Thruxton version
Tires (Sizes): Front 110/90-19 or 120/80-18″, Rear 100/90-19 or 110/90-19 or 100/80-21 (All Omolgated)
Exhaust: Handcrafted sweptback pipe + Gold Star with on/off baffle
Paint: Custom by Laini Tuning

McDeeb featured in Episodes – 15, & 16

– Original Airs: 11/2, 11/9 @ 10:00pm
– First Replay: Coming Soon

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Contact info:
Via Serale, 9
25040 Bienno, Italy
Phone: (011) 39 0364 300 641
Email: fdibella09@libero.it
Website: www.classicfarmmotorcycles.com

NYC Norton – Kenny Cummings

Kenny Cummings is a four-time AHRMA National Champion racer, who campaigns a Seeley Norton Commando and a Manx Norton throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. After many years of building and perfecting his own racing bikes, he has put his skills toward building and tuning bikes for others who want a high level of performance from their classics. Based in NYC, he quietly opened his shop, NYC Norton, to a few select customers last year and was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm. On the lifts currently are several racing bikes in various states of completion, including a couple that will be campaigned by world-class racers at this year’s Barber Vintage Celebration, as well as a handful of high-performance street bikes.

Bike Specifications: Custom Norton Racer

Frame: Seeley MK2, fabricated by Roger Titschmarsh and imported from Minnovation Racing in the UK
Subrame: n/a
Engine: Highly modified Norton Commando 750cc
Carburetion or FI System: Amal MK2 36mm
Rear Swing Arm: Seeley
Rear Wheel (Size): 18″ flanged alloy with Dunlop KR164 racing tire
Front Wheel (Size): 18″ flanged alloy with Dunlop KR825 racing tire
Steering Stabilizer: Ohlins damper
Rear Shock(s): Works Performance Lightweight Alloy Trackers
Clip-Ons or Bars: Minnovation
Seat: Seeley MK2
Tank: Seeley Short Circuit
Rear Sets: Barleycorn Engineering
Radiator: N/A
Fairings: Kirby with self-enclosed belly-pan
Tires (Sizes): KR164 = 130/70, KR825 = 80/80
Exhaust : Steve Maney Racing
Paint: None – bare frame exposing absolute stunning tig-brazing

Kenny Cummings featured in Episodes – 5, 6 and 7

– Original Airs: 5/3, 5/3 and 5/10 @ 9:00pm
– First Replay: TBA

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Contact info:
NYC Norton
Kenny Cummings
Phone: (917) 723-7109
Email: nycnorton@gmail.com

Rev. Jim Goodrich – Preachers Hotrod Cycle Design

If Moses is remembered for parting the sea, Rev. Jim Goodrich will be remembered for parting the iconic Cafe Racer ideals with the completion of his RC Engineering Cobra Motor powered CB750 salt-flat racer comprised of Honda and Harley Davidson go fast parts all crafted by his hands in his private workshop. Having been around motorcycles and all things that go fast since he was 8 years old, Rev. Jim has established quite the following and cache of knowledge when it comes to fabrication, design and engineering. Preaching the religion of speed he lifts his cane to the sky every day in the hopes of guiding the lost and wayward flock that is the modern youth in the motorcycle community.

Bike Specifications: 1972 Honda CB750 SOHC

Frame, 1972 CB750 k
Sub frame: Preachers / Symmetry customs
Engine: 750 SOHC with 936 R/C Components kit, Assembled in 1980 by Fast By Gast, machined head by “Puppet” of Race Visions, trans by M.R.E.
Carbs: 29mm smooth bore Mikunis, Modified by Larry (Spiderman) McBride
Swingarm: 2002 KZ
Rear wheel: Hub 72, Spokes, Stainless, Rim, 18″ Buchanan
Front wheel: Hub 96 Harley, Spokes stainless, Rim, 19″ Buchanan
Steering Stabilizer: None
Clip ons: Tarozzi
Seat: Preachers hand-formed aluminum one piece with upholstery by Lance auto tops
Tank: 1975 Honda CB 750 f
Rear sets: Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Designs
Fairing: None
Tires: Avon, Front, 100/90-19, Rear, 130/60 -18
Exhaust: R/C Components / Preachers
Headlamp: Stock CB750
Paint: Brothers Powder Coating / Signs by Liza
Front Brakes: Harley Davidson with 11-1/2″ custom rotor
Rear Brakes: Stock CB750 drum with drilled plate
Top Triple Tree: Modified 96 Harley Davidson

Rev. Jim featured in Episodes – 2, 3 and 4

– Original Airs: 4/19, 4/26 and 4/26 @ 9:00pm
– First Replay: TBA

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Contact info:
Phone: (727) 504-3138
Email: preacherscycles@aol.com
Website: www.preachersmotorcyclepromotions.com

Cafe Racer Magazines “Royal Flush”

Café Racer Magazine’s Mike Seate and Blake Kelly have two problems: their Royal Enfield C5 Bullet tops out at 80 mph, not even close to hitting the Ton and they also have no budget to get it there. What they do have is a Rolodex full of bike builders and a TV crew willing to document their endeavor. This four part series follows Seate and Kelly as they tour the northeast, battling headshake, road blocks and dropouts, in pursuit of making a modern bike with 1950s technology go 100 mph.

Builders: Loaded Gun Customs, XPO Streetfighter, J&B Moto Co.

Bike Specifications: 2011 Royal Enfield C5 Bullet

Frame: Stock
Subrame: J&B Moto Co.
Engine: 500cc SOHC air-cooled single
Carburetion or FI System: EFI with K&N filter
Rear Swing Arm: Stock
Rear Wheel (Size): 3.50×19”
Front Wheel (Size): 100/90/19”
Steering Stabilizer: Norman Hyde
Clip-Ons or Bars: N Field Gear Clip-Ons
Seat: N Field Gear Dunstall Replica
Tank: Suzuki GS 450
Rear Sets: Loaded Gun
Fairings: Yamaha TZ 750 Replica
Exhaust : Emgo reverse megaphone
Paint: J&B Moto Co.
Headlight: Halogen
Front Brake: Stock two-piston disc
Rear Brake: Drum
Top Steering Clamp/Triple Tree: N Field Gear alloy

Royal Flush featured in Episodes – 7, 8 and 9

– Original Airs: 5/10, 5/10 and 5/17 @ 8:00pm
– First Replay: TBA

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Contact info:
Mike Seate
Cafe Racer Magazine
Phone: (440)-610-6187
Email: rockersrule@caferacermag.com
Website: www.caferacermag.com

Stan Lipert

Stan Lipert, lead technician at Northern Ohio Ducati, has agreed to help his former colleague and professional road racer, Jerry Dudley, get into vintage road racing. Dudley has a 1970s CB350 that he picked up for $150 and he’s brought it to Stan, a small displacement engine enthusiast to make it race ready. Lipert, a vintage road racer, has a knack for taking mundane commuter bikes and making them track worthy. But after he finishes doubling the engine’s horsepower Stan plans to race against the very bike he just built for Jerry. Can Stan outrace his own work?

Bike Specifications: 1972 Honda CB350K Clubman Vintage Road Racer

Frame: 1970 Honda CB350K, tabs removed, seat, steering damper and foot peg mounts added. Power coat by Doug Paskiet at Summit Powder Coaters.
Engine: Full race spec. 362cc engine including Todd Henning Racing pistons, THR adjustable cam sprocket, Megacycle cam, R/D valve springs and Cometic head gasket. Lipert custom lightened crank, valves, intake valve seats, valve spring seats, Teflon wrist pin buttons and Ampco 45 valve guides featuring Ducati valve stem seals.
Carburetion: Mikuni VM32.
Ignition: PVL analog on THR mounts.
Exhaust: Lipert custom race. CNC spigots and flanges.
Rear Swing Arm: Stock, tabs removed.
Shocks: Custom built by Works performance.
Forks: 35mm Honda CB500T. Modified springs and dampers.
Triple Clamps: CB750 35mm, lightened.
Handlebars: Vortex CNC clip on.
Front Wheel: 2.15 x 18″ Polished flanged alloy. Buchannan stainless spokes.
Rear Wheel: 2.15 x 18″ Polished flanged alloy. Buchannan stainless spokes.
Front Brake: Lightened Suzuki GT75 4LS. Polishing by Kelly Banks at The Bike Shop.
Rear Brake: Honda SL350.
Tires: Front Avon AM20 90/90H18 race compound, rear Avon AM22 110/80VB18 race compound.
Sprockets and Chain: Sprocket Specialists alloy rear, Tsubaki gold 520 chain.
Seat: Lipert custom fiberglass.
Tank: Stock, tabs removed.
Paint: Tom Bodalski at Bodacious & G-Dog Paint Works. Porsche Guards Red, white stripes matched to custom Bell helmet.
Rear Sets: Lipert custom billet and chrome-moly bronze welded.
Dyno Tuning: Dynojet 250i at Northern Ohio Ducati/Triumph.

Stan featured in Episodes – 10, 11 and 12

– Original Airs: 5/24,  5/24 and 5/31 @ 10pm
– First Replay: TBA

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Contact info:
Stan Lipert
at Northern Ohio Ducati/Triumph
1955 Brittain Road
Akron, Ohio 44235
Phone: (440)-610-6187
Email: vintagestan@hotmail.com
Website: www.nodtmoto.com

Vincent Works

Dolores, CO (pop. 936) is not the place you’d expect to find a garage full of rare Vincent motorcycles waiting for repair or restoration. When he was 33, Sam Manganaro became the youngest member of the Vincent Owners Club, an exclusive group reserved for those who own one of the 11,000 Vincent bikes manufactured between the early 1920s and 1955. Today, Sam is one of the top Vincent experts in the world and his talents help other Vincent owners source rare parts, restore bikes to factory specifications or customize them for a more modern look and feel. For “Café Racer” Sam tackles a Vincent project that may make the Vincent purists “hemorrhage” as former Rocker Ian Kennedy so delicately puts it.

Bike Specifications: Custom Vincent

Frame: Terry Prince Monoshock
Subrame: N/A
Engine: 1300cc magnesium case 5 speed with electric start
Carburetion or FI System: Kien Flat slides
Rear Swing Arm: Stock
Rear Wheel (Size):Sun rims laced up to KTM adventure hubs and disc brakes 17″
Front Wheel (Size): 17″
Front Forks: Ducati Monster
Steering Stabilizer: N/A
Clip-Ons or Bars: Ducati Monster
Seat: work of Evan Wilcox CA
Tank: work of Evan Wilcox CA
Rear Sets: Stock
Radiator: N/A
Fairings: N/A
Tires (Sizes): N/A
Exhaust : 2″ with removable baffles
Paint: N/A
Headlight: From a 1950’s Norton
Front Brake: Disc KTM
Rear Brake: Disc KTM
Top Steering Clamp/Triple Tree: Stock

Vincent Works featured in Episodes – 10, 11 and 12

– Original Airs: 5/24, 5/24 and 5/31 @ 10:00pm
– First Replay: TBA

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Contact info:
Sam Manganaro
Vincent Works
25720 Road T.5
Dolores, CO 81323
Phone: (540) 514-1013
Email: sam@vincentworks.com
Website: www.vincentworks.com