Ry Seidel’s CB360


Hey Café Racer Team!

Thanks for featuring my bike for this week’s bike of the week!  The build started as a upgrade bike for my wife , over the years I have had many CB Hondas and in my youth, was in love with the early cafe racer  bikes.   This bike happen to be there at the right time and having been thinking about how I wanted one to look, I started stripping away and adding the elements I felt belonged.   I built the bike over three years ago and have been having a blast to riding it around ever since.  As for my wife…well, I’ll get her something else eventually!

All the work was carried out by me in my garage.  The hand laid one of a kind fiberglass gas tank and seat pan were formed over a carved foam block.  The seat pan and upholstery is based on a early 70’s Italian racer, think Ducati Moto Giro.  After making the clip on handle bars the gauges stuck up too high for my taste so I designed and machined a new upper triple clamp to cradle the single gauge and indicators.  The front fender is my first attempt on carbon fiber formed on a hand hewn wooden mold.

From a performance perspective the exhaust is unique in that it routes from the head all the way to the center stand mounts and Y’s into a muffler can and then Y’s back out up front . Help keep your toes warm in the cold winters! The rear sets were custom built to mount in the position of the passenger pegs.  I even took on the challenge of anodizing them in my own custom setup.  The rear shocks are just some old Koni’s that I modified to fit the Honda brackets and all the electronics are moved into the seat with the electric start remaining intact.

I wanted to retain the ready for the track look so I chose to hide the lighting in the form of small LED tail lights mounted into the tail section and a small set of lamps in the front mounted just below the triple on the frame.  All the paint work it mine as well; I was going for a WW2 navy aircraft feel.  All in all, I couldn’t be happier with her.  That’s what I love about Café bikes, they’re built on simple platforms and anyone can exercise their creativity with little knowledge and tools.

– Ry