Roger Reeds 2001 Royal Enfield 500 Bullet


CRTV Team,

I wish I could say I did all the modifications to the bike myself, but a lot of it was done before I. By who, I don’t know. It was a blurry photo of a dream in a craigslist ad at first. Originally I had this relatively stock Royal Enfield, which I loved.

I yearned to buy all the cool parts from the mail order catalog places that support us Enfield owners (e.g. The bike you see now was a 2 hour drive away from where I was living in San Diego, up in Torrance, but the price was right and it looked like it had some cool parts. I took the trailer up there hoping it was really what it looked like in the photos and I was in luck. I picked this one up for just a few hundred dollars more than I was able to sell my stock Enfield. And the cool parts I wanted were all there: dry clutch, gas shocks, electronic ignition, disc break, alloy tank, matching turn signals/fenders, café bars (of course), and even a cool crank case breather. I suspect it also has an oversized head, but haven’t verified. It sure sounds and feels like it.

All I did was pick it up, dust off the parts, turn a few wrenches doing things like adjusting the dry clutch, painting the side covers black, and installing a glass fuel filter for old times sake. I also installed a floor stand because it can be really hard to kick start without one!

What it is at the core, is an Indian built pre-unit Bullet 500 made in 2001 that I love!

Roger Reed