Tim Sampson’s 1975 CL350


Cafe Racer TV Guys,

Thanks for the interest in my CL this is cool to hear! I picked this 1973 CL350 up 2 winters ago for $300 in non running condition with a lot of extra parts. I figured that this bike would be a perfect bike for a cheap and easy build, as well as being a fun ride, bar hopper, shop bike while I looked for the next build. So I  got the bike to my shop and with a clean fuel filter and some fresh gas and plugs it started right up. After that I started to go thru the bike and extra parts and sold off what I didn’t want for a profit which went into the build fund.

Then it was time to start working… I started the tear down and cleaning while looking for the parts I needed and could not make on my own. The big parts that saved me alot of cash that I made my self were the seat and the rear sets (its nice to have a guy in our building that has his own water jet). Next step was to get the parts I still needed, so with some trading and buy some parts from friends and the fellas on the DoTheTon.com forum and the guys atDime City Cycles and few other web sites, it was time to build!

I pulled the starter and am running the smallest battery I was comfortable with. Running stock pipes with some mini slip-ons (it sounds great) For a speedo just using one that was given to me off a mountain bike. Some exhaust wrap, a few rattle cans and a number of six packs latter her she is. This bike is fun to ride and is open to anyone in our shop to take it and go. Still looking for the next project bike to build on (will not be a sub 500 build though) but until then I’ve got the little CL to bomb around on and have  fun with in true Café spirit!

Keep on rockin!