Stefan Seibert’s 1968 BSA


Cafe Racer TV Team,

Thanks for taking interest in my Beezer!  Here’s a little bit about him…

Born in 68, brought to USA in the spring of 68 he didn’t sell, so got his way back to UK where I found him!  I fitted him with 69 goodies like the new fork and other 69 gimmicks. Went back to the states and was sold somewhere in Arizona. In 1994 a German from Bavaria imported the bike from USA to Germany, restored it and drove it for almost ten years.  He sold the bike to a collector of bikes (having more than 100 motorcycles.) He kept the bike until 2009 and then swapped the hundred bikes for one old-timer car, don’t know which one but it must have been impressive!

Making it’s way full circle and around the globe, I purchased it back again in 2009 from a classic car dealer in Belgium.  I couldn’t have been happier!  I made a rolling restoration of the finish, the engine works fine. Nearly changed every bolt and nut, restored the fork, the brakes, the carburetor, clutch and ignition, bought some peashooters and other nice gimmicks. It rides fantastic despite 3rd in the gearbox, still have to work that out.

All in all it’s a very reliable bike with a great deal of history. I drive it fast, only taking care that the oil is really in good condition.  That’s really all an old Beeza needs! What I like about café racing is the authentic way of biking and getting a bike of former times going like a beast (in relation) without just giving it to the dealer, spending thousands of bucks for a lots more of plastic.

Thanks and take care guys!  Love the show!