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A little holiday cheer from across the big pond.

Thanks Brian…  This was a good one! — ‘Twas the night before the Holiday race, Not a “Rocker” was stirring, not even at the Ace. Battery tenders were attached, to their terminals with care, In hopes that St. Lucas soon would be there. The “Mod’s” were nestled all snug in the beds, While visions of […]

Cafe Racer TV Week 5 – Rain, rain…

This week, we’ve been working feverishly to complete a few segments for the show that are near and dear to our hearts. The foremost is a piece we shot at London’s Lewis Leathers, known as the oldest and most respected leather motorcycle gear manufacturer on the planet. That’s no trite distinction as motorcycle gear has to be stylish, durable and capable of taking the sort of punishment that gives rodeo clowns nightmares just to survive, let alone for most of a century as has Lewis. The shop is run by Derek Harris, one of the coolest cats we had the pleasure of meeting during our extended world tour. Derek is a quiet, soft-spoken type but has more arcane and fascinating facts stored in his noggin than most. He can drop science on the history and development of motorcycle gear for hours and never grow boring, and his insights on how leather gear worn by early aviators evolved into the same motorcycle jackets we wear today is, well, you’ll have to catch the TV show for his side of the story.

I’ll have a “Cafe Americano” please…

Some would argue that it is impossible to replicate the iconic “Cafe Racer” culture found on the streets and in the cafe’s of London.  Certain integral elements of the lifestyle simply do not exist outside the tightly woven brick-laden streets of small English towns.  Fortunately, the defining characteristic of this unique culture subset is one […]

Café Racer TV Week Four – Travel Tales

It’s been a couple of weeks off from our near-constant road duties producing Café Racer for HD Theater, and already, the memories of a year spent riding, wandering and working on a TV crew are starting to flood back. We were on the road for part of 2008 and 2009 and most of the 2010 calendar year, so it’s easy to forget some of the funny, weird and downright memorable events that occurred but, alas, did not make the final edit.

Jokers In The Pack from Week Three of Cafe Racer TV

It’s funny, but people who see and recognize us crew members from Café Racer often remark that we must have the best jobs in the world. I’ll insist that title belongs, inarguably, to the guy who gets to measure Beyonce for her mini-dresses, but sure, testing and building fast motorbikes for a living can be a blast.

Road Tales from Week Two of Cafe Racer TV

It’s hard to fathom right now, with the trees doing their paint-by-numbers thing and riding season just about over here in the Northeast, but the Café Racer series was actually started nearly a year ago. Back then, we visited what seemed like (and still does) the remotest rural section of Virginia we’d ever seen to […]