Penton Movie: Trailer Released, Premieres in June

Seven years ago, filmmaker Todd Huffman was sitting on a plane reading a book written by the former president of the American Motorcyclist Association, Ed Youngblood; a biography about hall of fame motorcyclist John Penton. On June 20 Huffman and his company, Pipeline Digital Media will release Penton: The John Penton Story, a two hour plus documentary about John, now 88, his family and the impact they’ve had on the motorcycle industry.

Huffman said the more people he interviewed, the bigger the story grew and, while the finished product maintained his original intentions, the path he took there was longer and filled with way more information and tales than he’d expected.

“There’s always more to a story and a reputation of ‘a guy in a family’ than what the public thinks they know, even after 30 or 40 years of knowing the main story,” Huffman said. “And sometimes you can’t even dig it out of the family you have to dig it out of the people around the family, or who worked with the family, the people involved. The Pentons are learning stuff from this story themselves, John and his family.”

Penton’s motorcycle story started in the 1930s in Amherst, OH with his father’s 1914 Harley-Davidson that he and his brothers got running. The story continues today with KTM, the fastest growing motorcycle company in the United States in 2013. It was Penton, who in 1968, took delivery of ten prototype 100cc off-road motorcycles, that he designed, from Austrian bicycle manufacturer KTM.

In between, Penton raced the Jack Pine Enduro on both a Harley Knucklehead and a B-33 BSA; he rode from Ohio to Daytona on his NSU 175, won the Alligator Enduro, strapped his trophy to the back and rode home; he used a BMW R69S to set a new transcontinental motorcycle record of Fifty-two hours and eleven minutes; he competed in the International Six Days Enduro; and he ran a dealership. To the motorcycle industry, Penton is royalty. Penton says he’s just a “farmer and a mud runner.”

After nearly seven years, 108 interviews, 150 hours of footage and an initial cut of five and a half hours, Huffman and Pipeline will premiere the movie in Cleveland on June 9, Hollywood, June 17 and on June 20 it will be distributed via Gathr films. Visit the movie’s Gathr Page and click “Notify Me” for information on the movie coming to a nearby screen.

Cafe Racer TV Represented in Velocity Branding

Cafe Racer Magazine Editor and our coordinating producer, Mike Seate was invited, by Velocity, to the SEMA Show (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) in Las Vegas last November. Mike isn’t a car guy at all but he was still overwhelmed by the size and spectacle that is SEMA, which takes up two million square feet of floor space in the Las Convention Center.

“It was a weird, gi-normous celebration of auto culture that was about 200 times larger than any motorcycle industry gathering I’ve ever seen,” Seate said. After getting lost in the aisles of SEMA, Velocity escorted he and several other Velocity show talents like Jessi Combs from “All Girls Garage”, Wayne Carini from “Chasing Classic Cars”, Chip Foose from Overhaulin’ and others, out to the Valley of Fire State Park where they shot new network brand promotional spots. The 42,000 acre park is filled with red sandstone formations but Velocity went with a shadowy black and white look that makes the road pop on screen.

The theme for the spots is “Drive your Passion” and it features all the hosts and and on camera talent enjoying the open road. Seate chose a 2013 Triumph Bonneville as his transport.

It’s a coup for Cafe Racer TV to get a nod alongside the biggest stars and shows of the network.

“I’m so glad they’re behind us at this level,” Seate said. “They’re really behind pushing the show.”

Season 5 of Cafe Racer TV is currently heading into field production and will air 4th quarter 2014.

Own a Piece of Cafe Racer TV! For Sale: Lossa’s SR 500

If you’re looking for a bike that’s both a canyon carver and a show piece, then Lossa Engineering’s 1978 Yamaha SR 500 might be what you need. This bike is dear to us because it was one of the first built and featured on Cafe Racer TV back in season 1.

The bike has had a couple of different owners since its appearance on the show but it always winds back up in Jay’s shop because it simply isn’t being ridden enough.

Jay has posted the bike on eBay for his client. Here is the link to bid.