Julia Haltigan’s “Finish The Line” Contest – The Video is Here!

Alright Cafe Racer fans, last month we gave you all the opportunity to finish the line and provide lyrics for Julia Haltigan’s [LIKE Julia on Facebook today!] new single “Fast Lane.” The results were announced and as we promised here’s Julia’s recording of “Fast Lane” live from her living room in NYC with your lyrics in replacement of hers!

Again a big thanks to the winners, Russel Ramsdell, Vanessa Raymond & Rick Scott! We hope you all are enjoying your free signed copy of her new CD, the season 2 Cafe Racer TV DVD set and a Cafe Racer TV tee.  As always watch the CRTV BLOG and Facebook pages today for videos and contests for your chance to win free CRTV swag and don’t forget to tun into Velocity for reruns of Season 3 of Cafe Racer!

Go go Cafe Racer!