Cafe Racer TV Season 3 – Episodes 2 and 3

Day timers. Dry erase boards. Endless lists tagged to tool cases and refrigerator doors. None of these so-called time-savers can help much when you’ve run out of minutes on the clock and you’re still not anywhere near completing a custom bike project. This is a subject near to our stress-filled hearts at Café Racer magazine, and the reality of too many plans and not enough time plays out brilliantly in the second week of “Café Racer” TV’s third season.

Our staff had only the purest of intentions when we picked up a slightly rusty-but-complete 1973 Norton Commando project bike at the ginormous swap meet during a recent AMA Vintage Days celebration. Sure, we’d been piling up box after costly box of top-notch aftermarket components to rebuild the groovy old parallel twin, but never seemed to find the time to do so. Enter a road trip from our Pittsburgh-area offices to the well-appointed (if greasy) New York City workshop of Britbike ace Hugh Mackie who graciously, and unexpectedly, accepted the truck bed full of parts and agreed to turn them into one hell of a motorcycle.

Also, Florida’s favorite funky father, Reverend Jim from First Church of the Apehangers gets down and dirty rebuilding his 1970s Honda CB 750 Goldenrod edition dragbike motor, while his neighbors at Florida’s Desmo Pro, turn over their amazing GT 860 café racer to the talented Bostrom brothers for a top speed racetrack test meant to determine whether high-end Italian motorcycles are intended for show or go.

In episode four, you’ll join “Café Racer” on a rare journey to Italy’s industrial heartland, a place where old school craftsmanship and, lucky for us, British motorcycles still live. The builder, nestled in these steep hills, is none other than Fabrizio DiBella, a custom café racer builder and designer who loves the smell, look and sound of British bikes so much his friends have nicknamed him “McDeeb,” which is about as British a label as you’ll hear in these parts. DiBella’s specialty is modern, 500cc Royal Enfield singles, a machine that he rebuilds into amazing replicas of 1950s café classics like BSA’s Gold Star and the Velocette Thruxton.

Back on New York’s gritty, Lower East Side, Hugh Mackie and shop tech Fumi Matsueda begin piecing together the Café Racer Magazine Norton Commando – or more accurately, they attempt to if they could only find enough fresh, new or unmolested parts in those greasy old boxes.

And finally, Reverend Jim’s prayers may be answered if enough divine intervention can be mustered as his Honda CB 750 dragbike meets nine-time drag racing champ, Rickey Gadson on the quarter mile. This is one test that should get everyone from roadrace fans to top speed junkies and street riders cheering as Gadson, a former outlaw street racer, rides a vintage Honda under the speed traps for the first time in 25 years. During the taping at North Georgia Motorsports Park, Gadson admitted to, ahem, borrowing and racing his Mother’s CB 750 back in the day, and this week will reveal whether you can ever separate a rider from the connection they made with their first fast motorbike.


– Mike Seate, coordinating producer

Air-date Update for Cafe Racer TV

Hey Cafe Racer fans, just a quick note that Cafe Racer will NOT air on May 17th and will resume it’s normal schedule the following week on the 24th. In addition, the show will also be moving from an 8:30PM EST start time to a 10PM EST start time. Spread the word!

That said, rather than watch re-runs of I Love Lucy on the 17th, why not pull out your Season 1 or Season 2 DVD and re-watch some of the great previous episodes featuring builders such as Loaded Gun Customs, Lossa Engineering and Doc’s Chops! What’s that? Don’t have the DVD set yet? Well then, head on over to the front page of and click the DVD link and order your copy today!

Cafe Racer Season 2 DVD Set Now Available!

With new builders, bolder bikes and original music. Cafe Racer returns for a second season to the world of high-performance. Naked Motorcycles. From Boise to Britain; with musicians Billy Joel and Butch Walker; test riders Bob Hannah and Ben and FEric Bostrom; on BSA, Bonneville and even a Brough Superior. Cafe Racer is back with 16 new episodes.

From period perfect rebuilds to modern interpretations. The Vintage motorcycle is the state of Cafe Racer. Cringe as Bryan Fuller cuts in a half a cherry ’69 CB750, cheer when Yoshi Kosaka and Jay Larossa take a two stroke Yamaha from the scrap yard back to the track and watch with amazement as Dime City Cycle’s Herm Narciso and Jason Michaels take yet another junk-yard Honda and turn it into a race winning vintage speed machines. Explore The 59 Club, the world’s oldest cafe society. And enter the garage of cafe racing’s godfather, Dave Degens.

Cafe Racer: Vintage Reborn.

Just click the “Cafe Racer DVD” link from the front page of and get your copy ordered today!

Café Racer TV Season 3 – Episodes 1 and 2

Whether your tastes in fast streetbikes run toward the European machines or much farther afield, the first two installments of the new season of Café Racer will get your pistons pumping. For starters, episode one launches three unique custom motorcycle builds, each of which will play out over the next few weeks. For Mediterranean bike enthusiasts, we travel with to Desmo Pro, the U.S. headquarters for fast Ducati café racers. The search to create a perfect Italian V-twin takes the team to Bologna, Italy’s NCR, a place where Ducati motorcycles become lighter, faster, better (cue theme music from “The Six-Million Dollar Man”) and, dare we say it, sexier.

The tables – or should we say workbenches – are turned in this week’s episodes as Café Racer test rider and professional superbike racer Eric Bostrom tries his hand at building a custom café racer. Eric, long associated with all things quick and green and bearing the name Kawasaki on the tank, will strip down a new, Kawasaki Z1000 four which he plans to make into a sleek, street machine to surprise, and one-up, his brother and fellow CRTV test rider Ben. Veteran CRTV builder Jay LaRossa will lend his formidable metal-shaping skills to this project. Many viewers have requested that we include build projects featuring more modern and currently-available machines and this series will prove that, in the right hands, even the latest, fuel-injected, computer-controlled hyperbikes can evoke the purity of the ton-up era.

Finally, we’ve seen a resurgence of WWII-style pin-up pageants being held at various café racer rallies and meets across the country and this week, we delve into the history, high heels and hairstyles behind the glamorous side of the rocker lifestyle.

In Episode Two, we’ll meet Reverend Jim of Florida’s First Church of the Apehangers, a congregation where high octane is the sacramental wine and speed is the religion. Jim, a retired motorcycle drag racer, will unearth an engine and parts to rebuild a winning, Honda CB 750 racebike from three decades in the past. The crew from Florida’s Desmo Pro tears into their rare, Ducati GT street machine, adding go-fast parts picked up in Italy, while the Bostrom Brothers surprise bike starts to lose its factory clothes in favor of a new custom look that’s inspired by the old Kawasaki endurance racers from the 1970s.

And don’t forget to crank up the volume 11 for an event that’s a true first for Café Racer on Velocity: This week, rockabilly legends The Psycho Devilles rock out with a new video for the song “Ton Up,” recorded specifically for Café Racer TV. The Psycho Devilles, led by motorcycle nut “Hot Rod” Walt Richards, have been a part of CRTV since the beginning and this season they find the roots rock combo sounding more raw and tighter than ever.

Bikes. Birds. Bitchin’ tunes. What more could you wish for?

– Mike Seate

Cafe Racer TV Season 3 – It’s Here!

Café Racer TV Season III

Bigger, Better- Faster

If there’s an accurate gauge of how popular café racers have become in recent years look no further than your TV screen on April 19; that’s when the third season of Café Racer premieres on Discovery’s Velocity network. The series, launched with a one-episode pilot back in December 2009, roared onto the world stage with two consecutive seasons of half-hour episodes that began in October 2010. Since then, Café Racer has continued to unearth talented custom motorcycle builders who create the sort of unique and original motorcycles that riders dream of.

Episode 01 – 04/19/12 – 8-8:30PM EST
Episode 02 – 04/19/12 – 8:30-9PM EST
Episode 03 – 04/26/12 – 8-8:30PM EST
Episode 04 – 04/26/12 – 8:30-9PM EST
Episode 05 – 05/03/12 – 8-8:30PM EST
Episode 06 – 05/03/12 – 8:30-9PM EST
Episode 07 – 05/10/12 – 8-8:30PM EST
Episode 08 – 05/10/12 – 8:30-9PM EST
Episode 09 – 05/17/12 – 8-8:30PM EST
Episode 10 – 05/17/12 – 8:30-9PM EST
Episode 11 – 05/24/12 – 8-8:30PM EST
Episode 12 – 05/24/12 – 8:30-9PM EST
Episode 13 – 05/31/12 – 8-8:30PM EST

Season 3 will feature two original 30-minute episodes aired back-to-back each Thursday at 8 pm ET. As before, the series continues to bring viewers unique builds by some of the world’s best two-wheeled craftsmen, including café racer visionaries from Italy, England and across the United States. For the first time, viewers craving more detailed footage from inside the workshops can visit our YouTube channel and catch in-depth coverage of nuts and bolts bike construction.

After the complete build process has been chronicled by Café Racer’s HD cameras, the bikes are being tested to new, more demanding standards by our professional testers Ben and Eric Bostrom and Café Racer magazine Road test Editor Blake Kelly. Pushed harder and ridden faster and covered with the latest on-board camera technology, expect all the excitement of a high-speed burn-up, without the bugs in your teeth!

Season 3 highlights include:

The Royal Flush: a four-part feature where the team challenges themselves and several expert builders to wring a ton – 100 mph – from a 500cc Royal Enfield single.

A pair of Akron, Ohio vintage roadracers who build a Honda CB 350 to run lap times faster than you could imagine.

Legendary Vincent tuner Big Sid Biberman lending his expertise to a Bonneville Salt Flats race team.

Nine time AMA Pro Star drag racing champ Rickey Gadson joins our team of testers aboard a 1978 CB 750 Honda.

A new music video made just for Café Racer by rockabilly kings the Psycho DeVilles.

Thanks to viewer input, Café Racer’s range of machines has also been broadened for the new season with vaunted, go-fast marquees including Norton, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Vincent all coming to the fore. The theme remains to create lighter, faster, and yes, far cooler motorcycles from what are sometimes rusty junk heaps, proving that custom bikes don’t need to cost a fortune to turn heads and provide thrills.

And when the riding is through, Café Racer takes you on a whirlwind tour of the grooviest events the café society has to offer; ride along with California’s Vespa-mounted Mods to see 21st Century scooter culture up close and visit some of the finest tuning and race shops in the world. This season rocks along with New York alt-rock singer Julia Haltigan as she provides the boppin’ soundtrack to a lifestyle of black leather, greasy hair and fast bikes.

Strap on that helmet and zip up those leathers and join Café Racer’s third season on Thursday, April 19 on Velocity. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

– Mike Seate, coordinating producer.

Cafe Racer TV Season 3 Builders Teaser

Check it out Cafe Racer fans, here’s another video to get your carburetors pumping for the April 19th release of Cafe Racer TV Season 3 on Velocity!