Cafe Racer TV Season 3 DVD’s are here!

Hey there ton-up junkies and Cafe Racer fans! The long awaited season 3 DVD is here and available now!

Our good friends over at Dime City Cycles have TON’s of them in stock and are ready and waiting for your order. Whether you’re being selfish and ordering it for yourself as a holiday gift or sending it on to that special someone as a hint, make sure to order it this week. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on the great promos we’re running that include a DVD/CRTV tee if purchased as one of the promo packs.

Stay tuned, Season 4 is just around the corner on Velocity!

Cafe Racer TV Season 3 is here!

Reader’s Ride-In Bike Show

After five years of successful Custom Cafe Racer shows at Mid-Ohio’s Vintage Motorcycle Days, the crew from Cafe Racer magazine are teaming up with Southern California’s British Customs for their first Reader’s Ride-In Bike Show on the West Coast. The date is Saturday, January 26 at B.C’s Gardena headquarters and includes six different classes. Click on the image below for a link to more information on how to enter- and possibly win trophies, prizes and your rightful claim to being Cali’s Cafe King.

Live At Barber!- Friends, Fans, and First-Timers

Ben Friedman of Cafe Racer TV talks to some fans and first-timers around the Ace Corner here at the 2012 Barber Vintage Festival here in Birmingham, Alabama.

Live At Barber!- Inside the Ace Corner

Jason Michaels of Dime City Cycles and Ben Friedman with Cafe Racer TV show off the faces and places inside the Ace Corner at the Barber Vintage Festival 2012:

Live At Barber! – The Cafe Posse Rides Out

Dime City Cycles’ own Jason Michaels sends out the Barber Cafe Bike Ride here at the Barber Vintage Festival:

Live At Barber! – Being here at Barber

Ben Friedman from Cafe Racer TV talks to some of the faces here at the Barber Vintage Festival in Birmingham, Alabama.

Live at Barber! – Interview Mark Wilsmore, Ace Cafe London – Ace Corner

Here’s a short clip of icon Mark Wilsmore of Ace Cafe London with partner, Mark McKee, CEO Ace Cafe North America giving their thoughts on Ace Corner and the Barber Vintage Festival.

Cafe Racer TV Season 3 Re-runs, Now Airing!

Hey there Cafe Racer fans, time to tune in those TV dials and get front and center! Velocity is airing re-runs of Cafe Racer TV Season 3 starting October 7th. Tune in and tune up!

Sunday, October 7th
Café Racer 3 Ep. 1 @2pm
Café Racer 3 Ep. 2 @2:30pm

Sunday, October 14th
Café Racer 3 Ep. 3 @2pm
Café Racer 3 Ep. 4 @2:30pm

Sunday, October 21st
Café Racer 3 Ep. 5 @2pm
Café Racer 3 Ep. 6 @2:30pm
Café Racer 3 Ep. 7 @3pm
Café Racer 3 Ep. 8 @3:30pm

Sunday, October 28th
Café Racer 3 Ep. 9 @2pm
Café Racer 3 Ep. 10 @2:30pm

Sunday, November 4th
Café Racer 3 Ep. 11 @2pm
Café Racer 3 Ep. 12 @2:30pm

Sunday, November 11th
Café Racer 3 Ep. 1 @2pm
Café Racer 3 Ep. 2 @2:30pm

Sunday, November 18th
Café Racer 3 Ep. 3 @2pm
Café Racer 3 Ep. 4 @2:30pm

Sunday, November 25th
Café Racer 3 Ep. 5 @2pm
Café Racer 3 Ep. 6 @2:30pm

Come see us at Ace Corner at the 8th Annual Barber Festival

Alright Cafe Racer fans who’s up for a weekend of racing and fraternizing with other Cafe Racers at the soon to be annual “Ace Corner” at the Barber Vintage Festival? We’re going and so should you!

Here’s some things to look for over the weekend:

– Ace Corner Grill, featuring “Fish & Chips”, tea, burgers & beverages, including beer & wine, available for purchase

– Dime City Cycles / Iron & Air Magazine CB750 giveaway along with other bikes, parts and swag on display

– Ride-in Cafe Racer Bike Show, register @ Ace Corner Fri/Sat

– Saturday night “Party at the Ace”, featuring the band, “Cigar Store Indians”

– “Custom Bike Builder Park” featuring builders from Café Racer TV Show

– Café Racer TV Media tent featuring interviews, Q&A & special guests

– Live Bike Build (by

– Ace Corner Vendor Row

– “Ride with the Rockers” – Saturday morning ride out

– Dedicated motorcycle parking inside the track for Ace Corner guests

– Iron & Air Magazine photobooth – get a free snap of your ride

Built in partnership between our friends at Ace Cafe London and Dime City Cycles, Ace Corner Barber is an area dedicated to Cafe Racers, be they made of steel or flesh and bone. In short, Ace Corner Barber is a celebration of the timeless teeth chattering, soul shaking speed machines that hailed the streets of London in the 50’s and 60’s and their riders. We’re going to be there with the official Cafe Racer TV Media tent and crew having a blast as live music from the Cigar Store Indians fills the air along with the smell of fuel and notes of exhaust!

Two  quick things to note so you don’t get left behind –

1) An upgrade ticket does need to purchased to enter Ace Corner at the cost of $10/day or $25 for a full weekend pass. Tickets should be purchased online and in advance as there is only a limited numbe so head over to to get yours!

2) For those looking to enter their bikes in the ride-in Cafe Racer bike show, entry opens at 9AM Friday. Just enter Ace Corner and head up the hill to the Dime City Cycles tent for registration and parking.

We look forward to seeing all of your there!

– The CRTV Crew

Julia Haltigan’s “Finish The Line” Contest – The Video is Here!

Alright Cafe Racer fans, last month we gave you all the opportunity to finish the line and provide lyrics for Julia Haltigan’s [LIKE Julia on Facebook today!] new single “Fast Lane.” The results were announced and as we promised here’s Julia’s recording of “Fast Lane” live from her living room in NYC with your lyrics in replacement of hers!

Again a big thanks to the winners, Russel Ramsdell, Vanessa Raymond & Rick Scott! We hope you all are enjoying your free signed copy of her new CD, the season 2 Cafe Racer TV DVD set and a Cafe Racer TV tee.  As always watch the CRTV BLOG and Facebook pages today for videos and contests for your chance to win free CRTV swag and don’t forget to tun into Velocity for reruns of Season 3 of Cafe Racer!

Go go Cafe Racer!