Cafe Racer Season 1 Now airing in Australia on Discovery!

This just in folks!  Cafe Racer begins airing in Australia next Monday!  We hope you guys enjoy it!  Spread the word and send in any photos from your watch parties!  Show times can be seen at the following link:

WATCH OUT for Bootleg Cafe Racer TV SWAG!

To all our viewers, it’s unfortunate, but it happens…

It was recently brought to our attention that someone overseas has ripped off the CRTV logo and is producing swag to be sold through channels like eBay and other online sites.  Please know that official Cafe Racer swag will only be sold through the CRTV Website, Dime City Cycles and other builders who have participated in the actual show.  If you find anyone else selling bootleg items please let us know and collect your reward!

New UK Shipping Prices for Cafe Racer TV Swag

To all of our friends on the other side of the pond,

We apologize for launching Cafe Racer and teasing you with all those cool items in the online store only to find that shipping to the land of The Queen was higher than a 6 months supply of Boddingtons.  We had a little glitch in the system which was not allowing Express Mail being selected as an option for orders weighing less than 4lbs (1.8 kilograms).  You will be pleased to see that you can now order a patch and a couple of tee’s and have them shipped for about as much as a couple spots of tea and biscuits at The Ace!

– The CRTV Team

Cafe Racer Season 1 – NOW PLAYING on Discovery HD Theater – AGAIN!

Well folks, looks like the folks at HD Theater keep listening!  You requested it and now you’ve got it!  Cafe Racer is now re-running (began last night) on HD Theater.  Check the link below for show times in your area.  Thanks for the support!

A great way to start the New Year!

Well folks, it looks like the rumble of your engines and tuned pipes has been heard!  This just in from across the big pond…

Cafe Racer begins airing Jan 3rd in the UK!!! Follow this link for details and showtime information and be sure to spread the word!

UK Air Dates, HD Theater's Cafe Racer

Stay tuned…2011 is going to be a great year.  The year of the Cafe Racer!  Thank you for all your support!

– The Cafe Racer Team