Cafe Racer Season 2 DVD Set Now Available!

With new builders, bolder bikes and original music. Cafe Racer returns for a second season to the world of high-performance. Naked Motorcycles. From Boise to Britain; with musicians Billy Joel and Butch Walker; test riders Bob Hannah and Ben and FEric Bostrom; on BSA, Bonneville and even a Brough Superior. Cafe Racer is back with 16 new episodes.

From period perfect rebuilds to modern interpretations. The Vintage motorcycle is the state of Cafe Racer. Cringe as Bryan Fuller cuts in a half a cherry ’69 CB750, cheer when Yoshi Kosaka and Jay Larossa take a two stroke Yamaha from the scrap yard back to the track and watch with amazement as Dime City Cycle’s Herm Narciso and Jason Michaels take yet another junk-yard Honda and turn it into a race winning vintage speed machines. Explore The 59 Club, the world’s oldest cafe society. And enter the garage of cafe racing’s godfather, Dave Degens.

Cafe Racer: Vintage Reborn.

Just click the “Cafe Racer DVD” link from the front page of and get your copy ordered today!

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  1. Chris Olin
    Chris Olin says:

    I do not get the velocity channel and would like to see season’s 1 & 2. Can I buy them on DVD? We build and sell parts for the motor sports industry ourselves. I am building a cafe from a 76 CB750 and would love to see what others are doing out there. Our Rox Riser allows one to keep the stock blinkers in place while using Clubman bars. Thanks so much for offering the seasons for sale.



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