David Reid’s Thruxton Custom


Dear CRTV Crew,

Greetings from Afghanistan! This is my 04 Thruxton “Salma”. I first saw an article on the then new Thruxton while I was deployed to Iraq in 04, when I got home I would visit the local Triumph dealer every day till the wife finally said ” Oh will you just go buy it for heavens sake!”. Since then I’ve added a sweptback exhaust system from Bella Corse, alloy fender from MAS, stainless lines, BMW headlight guard, Triumph chrome side panels, alloy tach & speedo cups from D9, alloy Lyta tank from T.A. Baker in Wales, Pirelli Sport Demons front and rear, alloy chain guard, nickel plated chain, Hagon shocks, Joker ignition relocate, stock seat redone in a Manx type style and a fender eliminator from South Bay Triumph. The motor is mildly tuned and the carbs re-jetted. I didn’t remove the airbox and opted for a K&N Hi-Flo instead. Right now I’m deployed again and writing to you from Afghanitan. I have a whole bunch of goodies waiting for her when I get home including finned stator and sprocket covers from Speed Merchants, direct connect front brake resevior from British Customs, and a slew of others. I live in Simi Valley Califonia when I am home and I’m a member of the LA chapter of the Brit Iron Rebels. Thanks to everyone who voted for my bike and hope to see you all soon.