Steve’s OSSA GT


Hello Cafe Racer TV,

The OSSA Sport GT street bike was built around and from a 1972 OSSA Stiletto Motocross bike. The tank and seat are reproductions of those found on the 1967 OSSA endurance road racers they campaigned. The engine is a 1977 350cc OSSA with custom porting and exhaust by OSSA Engineering. The final wheel horsepower is approximately 45. and when combined with a weight of 262 lbs performance is QUICK, to say the least. With 18″ wheels front and back the handling is great to. In those days, the lightweight 2 stroke MX bikes/chassis were modified and built into racers. If you’d like to see the full detail of the build and the resources I’ve collected over that last 30 years around OSSA’s have a look at my website, Hope you like it!