Pierre Frégeac’s BMW


Hello Cafe Racer, (Pierre is a man of few words, so we’ll let the bike tell the story!)

I purchased this bike in 1996 from the government, it was a local Police bike. Before doing any major customizations to it, I simply rode it. Everywhere. 100,000km’s to be exact! Unfortunately I ended up in a pretty bad accident and the bike needed to be rebuilt so I thought it was a good opportunity to start to customize it in “Cafe Racer” flavor.  Between my friends Manu, Coco & Titi we tore the bike down and refirbished the bits and pieces that needed it and fabrication new items too like the front and rear brakes from a Kawasaki and Ducati; we also fitted a newer Yamaha front end. The bike will never be finished, it’s a constant evolution for me.

Thanks! Pierre